L ike the rest of the world, Slovenia is facing an epidemic of Corona virus and the national government has taken measures restricting the mobility of persons. Our firm is able to provide the usual high-quality service in all respects, although the work may occasionally be slightly slowed down.

PATENTNA PISARNA d.o.o. has implemented all government's measures and reinforced its internal safety procedures in order to protect the health of our workers. Most of our staff is working from home having access to the firm’s database management system. A small group of employees is working on the firm's premises from time to time.


Although deadlines have been extended, we are continuing with business-as-usual and are working to the original deadlines It is recommended to respect regular time limits and to send us adequate orders for execution so that we can prepare and file the necessary documents for enforcing and/or maintaining rights (for instance new applications, EP validations) with the SIPO and foreign offices.


We will keep you informed of further news and amendments relating to the operation of the SIPO. If you wish any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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