Entitlement to file: inventor, his heir or other successor in title, any legal or natural person

Foreign applicant: needs to assign a professional representative registered with the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office (SIPO)

Inventor: needs to be named in the application

Subject-matter of patent protection: inventions, in all fields of technology, which are new, involve an inventive step and are susceptible of industrial application

Subject-matter of short-term patent protection: with the exception of processes, plant varieties and animal breeds, a short-term patent may be granted for inventions which are new, susceptible of industrial application and are the result of a creative effort

Exceptions to patent protection: discoveries, scientific theories, mathematical methods, and other rules, schemes, methods and processes for performing mental acts

Unity of the invention: patent application may relate to several inventions, provided that they are so linked as to form a single inventive concept

Transformation of patent for invention into a design: not possible

Transformation of patent into a short-term patent: 12 months from the filing date

Examination: only formal examination, no substantial examination

Publication and granting: shortly after 18 months from the filing date or priority date patent is published and granted at the same time; on a request earlier publication possible, but no earlier than after the expiry of three months from the date of the filing or the date of priority, if claimed

Term of the patent: 20 years from the filing date, provided that written evidence is submitted to the Office no later than the expiry of the ninth year from the filing date, otherwise the term is 10 years

Written evidence on patentability:
• Slovenian translation of one or several European patents granted for the same invention by the EPO;
• if no application for a European patent has been filed, the evidence may be the Slovenian translation of a patent granted on the same invention after a substantive examination by another authority enjoying the status of a PCT Preliminary Examining Authority or by another Patent Office under special arrangement; in this case there also have to be submitted a list and copies of all other patents which could be considered as evidence, including data on patent applications and patents which have been refused;
• when the proprietor of the patent has none of the mentioned evidence, a relevant opinion issued by an institution enjoying the status of a PCT International Preliminary Examining Authority or by another Patent Office under special arrangement can be requested from the SIPO, against payment of a fee

Supplementary protection certificate: may be granted once immediately on expiry of the term of the patent, in accordance with a decree issued by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, if the subject-matter of the patent is a product or a process of manufacturing a product or a use of a product which has to undergo an administrative authorisation procedure required by law before it can be put on the market, but not for more than five years

Term of a short-term patent: 10 years from the filing date



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